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STEM Academy at Latymer Upper School (Hammersmith Academy)

STEM Academy runs annually for 5 sessions in the spring term and is aimed at up to 36 pupils in Year 7 and Year 8 attending local state secondary schools. The STEM course mimics the design and engineering process used by scientists and engineers in industry today.

Further information, including videos, can be found on the Case Studies section of Schools Together as well as on AND

The programme is fully funded by a generous donor and is free to all participants.


Latymer teacher Dr Patrick Drumm, who leads STEM Academy, wrote this report following the 2018 course:

“The project was a massive success overall in terms of the students’ engagement, and most students achieved way beyond their own expectations. This project continues to grow from year to year and this was the largest cohort of students that we have ever had (35 students) ...the weekly attendance rate was 96%. This was largely down to the enthusiasm and commitment of the students, as well as the support shown by the partnership schools.

Whilst students are given support throughout the process, they are encouraged to be self-reflective in testing and refining their programming. Even though this resulted early on in some basic errors, the students showed great resilience and self-motivation in not giving up and showing inventiveness to resolve these problems.”

Feedback from Schools

Parents of students who attended commented, “Inspiring, exciting and thought-provoking.” Two of the students who attended have now exceeded their target grades in Science. - Marcel van den Heuvel (Head of Gifted and Talented-West London Free School).

“We used this partnership provision to expose a section of disadvantaged students to an excellent programme focused on the creativity in STEM subjects. The programme was inspiring and engaging for the students involved, and they improved not only in their STEM Knowledge, understanding and skill-set but also in their confidence and independence. The students get exposure to outstanding facilities and resources in the completion of a project, which moves from conception to development and review in a short space of time. 4 students participated in the course and qualitative feedback indicates a striking impact on those involved.”-  Eoin Kelly (Deputy Head - Ursuline High School)