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On 19th May we welcomed 90 Year 6 pupils and staff from Faringdon Junior School to St Hugh’s. STEAM week is well established at St Hugh’s, incorporating aspects of science, technology, engineering, art and maths, enabling pupils to experience a multi skilled approach to effective learning. This year our Year 6 pupils worked collaboratively with pupils from a local junior school, completing a variety of exciting space-themed activities. Pupils from Sigma took on the role of Science Leaders during the day, promoting pupils to engage in the activities and to ask questions.

Pupils were grouped into one of 4 groups, with each group rotating around a circus of activities throughout the day. Working with Mrs Middleton in the art department, pupils collaborated to produce a 2D model of the solar system. Each of the planets were produced using a different method, which included scraffito, wax resist and marbling to name but a few. Pupils also had the opportunity to examine fragments of the Moon and various meteorite samples that have landed on Earth. (The Moon samples were loaned to us for the event by STFC (Science and Technology Facilities Council). Within the maths department Mr Clarke led an exciting rocket building activity, where pupils had to develop a valid investigation to measure the speed of balloon rockets. Again, working collaboratively, pupils changed specific variables enabling them to determine which materials led to an increase in speed. Mrs Clarke provided pupils with an opportunity to make their own robots. These robots were then tested on a Martian landscape and the design evaluated and improved upon. The final activity involved pupils entering the Explorer Dome with Mr Thomson and Mrs Landray. Once inside the giant inflatable, pupils experienced a mobile planetarium and discussions about the Solar System, stars and the Universe.

As we gathered in the barn for a final discussion about our experiences, our guests and Year 6 pupils talked about the facts, skills and events of the day. The sausage snack and lunch were also a big hit. Every pupil took home their own robot and a booklet that they had completed during the day, with suggestions for further activities that they could continue at home. Many pupils had made new friends, held a piece of the Moon and spent the day talking about space. It doesn’t get much better than that!


To engage Year 6 pupils in the world of Space;

To highlight the need for experts from different disciplines to answer questions effectively (STEM);

To promote collaborative learning between pupils from St Hugh’s and Faringdon School;

To forge links between St Hugh’s and local schools , sharing expertise for both pupils and staff.



Explorer dome




Photocopying/stickers etc




Art /maths materials


Pieces of the moon

No cost

5 members of staff off timetable for the day

Covered internally



Pupils worked effectively together, discussions between staff and pupils.

Pupil Involvement

Year 6 pupils mixed gender, 90 pupils in total.