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St Albans Schools Book Award

SCC Librarian, Sarah Mathieson, initiated the St Albans Schools Book Award which involved creating a shortlist of books with other local School Librarians for students at participating schools to read and then attend an Awards Day at SCC to vote for the winner, take part in discussion groups and hear an author talk.


Promote reading and general enthusiasm for debating books. Bringing students together from local schools to share opinions on the shortlist.


SCC Librarian, Sarah Mathieson, contacted local School Librarians to initiate the project in 2017.


Use of SCC Library to host the Awards Day event for all schools which participate. SCC Librarian prepared resources for the Awards Day and chaired meetings for the planning of it. SCC Library staff helped to run the event along with SCC student helpers who are trained as Pupil Librarians. SCC funded the visiting author's expenses and some prizes for the event.


Students read different kinds of books and discuss the books with likeminded peers in a positive learning environment.

Pupil Involvement

10 SCC students from Years 7 and 8

6 students from Marlborough Academy from Years 7 and 8


Event to be planned and hosted annually