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Sports Project with Ronald Ross and Christ Church Primary Schools

Ronald Ross and Christ Church send about 35 of their year 5 and 6 pupils to King's College School for an hour every Friday afternoon. During this time the King's pupils coach them in a variety of sports, ranging from rugby to netball and including a large variety of other sports. The project is extremely popular with our pupil volunteers and enables us to share our sports facilities with the local community. 


The aims of the project are to enable the primary school children to use some of our state of the art equipment and facilities, and to get the benefit of interacting with older peers. It also aims also to give King's pupils a chance to learn skills in coaching and dealing with big groups of younger children. There is not a lot of open space for the children at either of the two primaries, so the need identified was to give them access to space, whilst giving our pupils the experience of coaching. This is excellent for developing their patience, maturity and leadership skills.


The program has been running for six years, and was identified as a way to share our resources that were going otherwise unused at that time in the week.


We use a lot of sports equipments, ranging from the basic, like balls of all shapes and sizes, to tennis courts and basketball hoops. All of the facilities used are school property. The school hires a bus to bring the Ronald Ross children and transport for the Christ Church pupils is kindly provided by one of our secondary partner schools, Coombe Girls' School.


The benefits are easily qualitatively assessed in the immediate improvement of the pupils' ability to perform sporting tasks and win matches. Balls skills are visibly improved and teamwork - with King's pupils and with Ronald Ross and Christ Church pupils - are greatly improved over the course of the year.

Pupil Involvement

About a quarter of the pupils involved are King's, and they range in age from about 14 to 18. The rest of the pupils are from Ronald Ross and Christ Church and are aged 10-11. Pupils from both schools are mixed-gender.


The activity takes place every week during term for one hour. It has no end date, and will continue indefinitely.