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Sporting initiative with 'Active Gloucestershire'

Cheltenham College works with Active Gloucestershire to fulfil their goals of increased participation in sport in schools within Gloucestershire. This is largely done by making College’s facilities available for organised sport. College also acts as a representative of all independent schools within the county.


The aim of the partnership with Active Gloucestershire is to increase and improve the range and quality of opportunities for people to be active and play sport by making the College's facilities available for organised sport for children.


Active Gloucestershire approached the Headmaster of Cheltenham College asking if the College would be prepared to represent all independent schools in the County. Cheltenham College has been the representative for all independent schools since October 2011.


The sporting facilities at Cheltenham College are vital to the success of significant parts of the Active Gloucestershire School Games. Non teaching staff play a key role in the preparation for competitions held at College.  


There are two main sporting events each year and College plays a key part in both days.