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Social Service Art and Photography

VIth form pupils are invited to create large pieces of art to cover wall spaces in local primary schools, care homes and medical centres.


To develop our own pupils' skills but more importantly to foster close ties with local schools and agencies who appreciate the colourful additions to their establishments. 

The beneficiaries are those local establishments that enjoy the arrival of the new displays on their walls.


The project has been in place for at least 20 years.


School facilities and resources are used to help to generate the usually substantial pieces of work. The projects are overseen by academic teachers and ancillary staff. The length of time to generate a new piece of work can be as long as 10-12 weeks.


Positive responses received from those agencies who have been recipients of new art work.

Pupil Involvement

16-18. The partner agency may ask for a specific focus or theme to the art work that is created.


Weekly, on a Wednesday afternoon. VIth form pupils spend around one and a half hours collaborating to create these art pieces. Members of academic staff who have overseen the creation of the piece will then deliver the item to the school or centre.

An on-going project throughout the academic year.