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Shopping bag-packing

Pupils assist members of the public at the tills to pack their shopping bags.


To foster close links with the community and to raise money for worthy local causes such as Riding for the Disabled.


A recent initiative, suggested to the school by WCAVA, our town's volunteering group. It came about through a recognition that we would like to be able to raise money for local charities.

This project began in December 2017.


Overseen by a  member of the non-teaching staff and supported by a rotation of 6 teaching staff.


Monies raised to date have suggested that members of the public have been grateful for the assistance of our pupils.

Pupil Involvement

Around 30 year 11 pupils to date but the intention is to increase that number as the academic year unfolds.


Weekly, on a Wednesday afternoon 1.45-3.30pm