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Serving on the Governing Body of Community Primary School

The Principal of Gosfield School serves as a co-opted governor of Gosfield Community Primary School. She is the Vice Chair of their Education Committee. The role involves attending all governing body, education and finance meetings, governor days (conducting interviews with staff and pupils, book looks, learning walks, etc) and events, and assisting with recruitment of senior staff. The Principal attends governor training as required, also.


The aims are to provide support for the governance of the School and beyond to develop links between the two schools for the direct benefit of pupils in both settings--for example through sport and outdoor learning. Parents from the primary school are invited to join Gosfield School parents for information sessions, eg on cyber safety.

The Primary school can benefit from the educational and leadership background of the Principal.


The Principal of Gosfield School applied for the role in Autumn 2016 having seen it advertised, wanting to forge stronger community links and support the local village school.


The Principal's time and expertise


Formal assessment has not been carried out.

Anticipated outcomes include a contribution towards the raising of standards in the Primary School and enrichment of pupils in both settings.

Pupil Involvement

Governance has a direct impact on the primary school aged children (boys and girls) in the Primary school.



The Principal's governance activities currently take up about 20 hours per term