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Members of the school community lend a hand to support or run evening sessions which are laid on for the benefit of young people who are either Scouts, Guides, Beavers, Brownies, Rainbows or Cubs.

At various times of the year, our pupils assist at local camps and activities further afield that are laid on for the youngsters.


Aim is to provide support to a worthwhile local cause involving young people

Immediate benficiaries are the children who enjoy the vigour and enthusiasm of young people who are just a little older than themselves. Also, the adult helpers who appreciate the support given to the sessions that they lay on.


The project came about when, in my capacity as Director of Social responsibility, I approached the adults who ran the various sections and asked if they required assistance from our pupils.

The partnership has been around for around 10 years now.


One member of the teaching staff supervises the project. 


The feedback from the activity leaders suggest that they are more than happy with the assistance provided by our pupils.

Pupil Involvement

Our pupils' ages are between 16-18.

The partnership children vary in age from 5-14.

Mixed genders.


One evening weekly throughout most of the academic year.