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Science Lecture

Every year, King Edward’s Witley holds a Science Lecture for local primary and prep schools.  Hosted by actor David Hall who metamorphosizes into a famous character from history, the events are interactive, loud and fun. Numbers are limited to a maximum of 160 pupils per session, there are four (repeated) shows over a two-day period.

Characters have included:

Michael Faraday

Thomas A Watson (Alexander Graham Bell’s Assistant)

Sir Isaac Newton

Isambard Kingdom Brunel


To inspire and encourage pupils’ love of science and history.  The students are invited to volunteer for participation in all the activities which involve one person or a group depending on the specific activity.


The Lecture Theatre, teaching and non-teaching staff, King Edward’s 1st Form pupils and actor David Hall who designs and orchestrates the show. 


Invitation to local Year 6 pupils from surrounding local prep and junior schools to learn about an important character in history, the discoveries and inventions, and impact on the modern world.

Pupil Involvement

Approximately 72 King Edward’s 1st Form pupils attend one of the sessions either in the morning or afternoon.

250-300 visiting pupils from local prep and junior schools.


Once a year over a two-day period.  Each lecture lasts 1.5 hours and take place in both the morning and afternoon each day.