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School Partnership

We have been working together since 2012. Our partnership has involved visits to members of staff between the schools, for professional development and has also involved children from the two schools working on joint projects. We have worked, for example, on art projects and music projects. We see the partnership as mutually beneficial.


We aim to share good practice across the two schools, in association with a number of other partner schools.

In terems of need, we felt that by sharing good practice in positive manner we could assist each other in terms of identifying ways to improve the performance of the children in key areas. We wanted also to create events where the children came together to work on longer projects.

We have constantly changed the areas in which we have focused upon as our schools have developed and the educaional climate has changed.

In terms of beneficiaries it is the teachers involved as they have found that by working with partners they have been able to benefit from new approaches and ways of delivery. The children have benefited from the joint projects, enjoying the chance to work with others.




We made contact with each other through the involvement of the Head of King's Hawford as a governor at Holy Redeemer.

We felt that we shared a great deal in common, despite our differing locations. We wanted to look at the ways in which each school was achieving the best results for the children and also to share common interests, such as our partnership with Worcester Primary School, South Africa. We wanted also to look at a set of events, such as music partnership and sporting partnership days.

The partnership has been in place since 2013.


Human resources, by and large. This is especially the case in relation to staff exchanges. We have tried to assist each other when, for example, establishing a pre-school at Holy Redeemer.

We have used King's Hawford's Hall for music events and the sports facilities for sports events.

As the partnership has been in place since 2013, we have seen a great deal of time devoted to this activity as well as shared resopurces from both schools.


We meet regularly to look at the effectiveness of this activity.

We feel that staff development has been greatly enhanced by this partnership and the joint events are always well received.

Pupil Involvement

Pupild from both schools have been involved. In the main this has been seen as the joint events such as the music concerts, which have been seen by parents from both schools, and sports events.

Mostly, this has involved the older (Year 4 to 6) children, although we have also has reception Forest School sessions.


This is ongoing. We meet each year to look at further partner events and staff visits are now common.

We aim to maintain this activity.