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Riding for the Disabled

Members of the school VIth form visit and help out at the centre which provides for young people with particular needs, difficulties and handicaps. Much of the work that is undertaken involves the youngsters interacting with horses. Our pupils help to provide individual support to the young people and lend assistance to the smooth running of the institution by performing domestic chores in the kitchen as well as clearing up after the horses.


The aim of the partnership is to provide support to a local worthy cause.


The project came about when, in my capacity as Director for Social Responsibility, I contacted the Circles Network to see whether or not we could provide support to the work they do.

The partnership has been around for about 10 years now.


One member of the teaching staff oversees the project and taxis the pupils to and from the venue.


Feedback from the staff who work there has been very appreciative.

Pupil Involvement

Our pupils are 16-18 years old.

The age of the partnership children varies between 5-14.

Mixed genders


Each Wednesday afternoon between 1.30-4.00pm and each Saturday afternoon between 1.30-4.00pm