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Reading Promotion Session

Session for pupils promoting different genres/authors of books planned and led by St Columba's College Librarian at St John Fisher.


To inspire pupils to want to read something different particularly over the holidays but also generally by introducing them to a variety of different books.

Pupils enthusiastic about the books they have looked at and keen to borrow them from their local libraries/school.


St Columba's College Librarian contacted St John Fisher to arrange the session offering different types of activity which would promote books/reading.

First session was in June 2019


Librarian time to plan and carry out the session plus approx 40 books to use during it.


Pupils keen to read different books after discovering new titles/authors during the session and continue reading during the holidays to avoid the usual dip. Pupils sign up to the public library summer reading challenge.


Pupil Involvement

No pupils from St Columba's College were involved but this could be something that could be developed in the future.

Approx 30 Year 4 pupils at St John Fisher were involved in the session


Plan is for annual sessions but could become more frequent e.g. termly