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We send some of our VIth form pupils to a local young offender institution.

Here our pupils offer support in the form of reading with the pupils or helping to boost their self-confidence and develop their skills through theatre based rehearsals and improvised drama.


A principal aim is to support a particularly important local organisation in the delivery of a meaningful and helpful curriculum to young people who have got themselves into difficulty.

Factors critical for success include close supervision of the sessions and for our pupils to respect the need for discretion at all times. They are forbidden from discussing matters of a personal or sensitive nature and they must not share personal information with those they are there to support and help.

Principal beneficiaries are the young people we support as well as adult members of the institution who appreciate the variety of experience provided by our pupils.


The project came about through the then Head of Drama at Rugby School contacting the institution to see whether or not there was scope for a partnership to begin.

The partnership has run successfully now for over 10 years.


The project is supervised by two members of the teaching staff at the school who drive the pupils across to the venue.


The appreciation for the work that is undertaken is made apparent in the feedback provided by those who work at the centre.

Pupil Involvement

Around 10 VIth form pupils take part in this initiative.

The ages of the partnership's young people is between 12-18.


The activity runs each week between around 1.30-4.00pm each Wednesday afternoon throughout the academic year.