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Providing Free Training Venues for Compass Buzz Mental Health Project

We have been able to offer a venue, including catering, free of charge to enable Compass Buzz to train local schools in Level 2 and 3 training. 


To improve access to mental health provision in North Yorkshire. 

Tio enable Compass Buzz to offer training without incurring the cost of booking a venue. 


The Deputy Head made contact with the organisation to book training for the staff at THS. On discussion, we established that we could provide a venue to enable training to take place across a number of primary schools, improving access to this great project. 


Venue & catering availability for up to 20 delegates.

The initial training lasted 2 days, but there will be more to come. 


Quanitiative, monetary impact for the Compass Buzz Project.

Qualitiative - establishing further supportive links with local maintained schools. 

Anticipated outcome - further linked projects with these schools. 

Pupil Involvement

No pupil involvement.