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Providing facilities for Holmbury and Westcott Wolves

Holmbury and Westcott Wolves are able to use Belmont Preparatory School football pitches and sports hall as required and at no cost.


To enable this central community football club to function even when its own pitches are unplayable or the weather prevents training.

By sharing their first class facilities, Belmont Preparatory School is able to ensure that the children who play in the club are able to have football every week.

Belmont use their grounds and maintenance staff to ensure that the facilities are in good order to be used at the weekends by the Holmbury and Westcott Wolves and there is no charge to the club.

All the children and coaches who play football for the Holmbury and Westcott Wolves are able to benefit.  Only a handful of these are pupils at Belmont Preparatory School.


Initially, Belmont was able to sponsor the Holmbury and Westcott Wolves, paying for kit, equipment and coaching.  As this aspect of the project came to an end, the decision was made to continue the provision of facilities: that decision was made a number of years ago.


Excellent pitches and a first class sports hall that belong to Belmont Preparatory School.

Pupil Involvement

Whilst a handful of pupils at the Holmbury and Westcott Wolves attend Belmont Preparatory School during the week, nevertheless the vast majority of beneficiaries of this partnership are not pupils at Belmont and are pupils at the local primary schools such as Surrey Hills Primary.


This is an ongoing project and there are no plans to end the provision of sports facilities for the children of the local community who play for Holmbury and Westcott Football Club