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Primary Schools' Choral Day (The Abbey CofE VA Primary School, Shaftesbury)

This is an annual project in which 130 children from five partner schools rehearse a song of their own and three chosen by us in advance. On the day they are conducted by our Director of Music in a morning of rehearsals leading to a concert held in our chapel, to which all parents are invited.


This event is an opportunity for children to experience singing in a large group under the direction of an experienced conductor and to perform in a large venue in front of an audience, developing music beyond the scope available to primary schools in this area.


Our Director of Music chairs a local association of music teachers from all sectors of education.  The opportunity to collaborate in large projects was identified through conversations in this forum. This year's project was the eighth time this has happened.


We dedicate the following resources to the project:

  • Two members of staff for the day
  • The venue (school chapel)
  • Lunch for all participants

There is no cost to participating schools.


All participants are from state schools. Our involvement is to provide the venue, staff and logistics. Partner schools generally choose to bring Year 5 and 6 pupils.


This is an annual project.