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Primary School Swimming Provision

We are keen for our pool to be used not only by our own pupils but also by the wider community. St Matthew's Church of England Primary School and Tolworth Junior School are our local state primary schools and we want them to be able to use the pool to develop their pupils' swimming skills and confidence in the water.


The aims of the project are to enable members of our wider community to make use of the sports facilities that we have at Shrewsbury House. The children from St Matthew's and Tolworth Junior will benefit from the use of our pool and also swimming provision that we provide.


We look to continue to share our sports facilities and sports coaching expertise with local pupils.


The swimming pool, associated changing facilities and the provision of swimming coaches (provided by JaZ Swim School) make this project viable. 

Pupil Involvement

St Matthew's and Tolworth Junior School will be rotating the different year groups that have access to the pool. They will be bringing Years 4-6 to Shrewsbury House on a rotational basis.


The swimming sessions will take place on a weekly basis and will continue into next academic year.