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Primary Maths Challenge

Every year Godolphin and Latymer hosts the Primary Maths Challenge and invites local state primary schools to take part. Schools enter teams a number of teams each consisting of four Year 5 pupils who take part in various problem-solving activities including: Group Round; Cross Number; Shuttle; and ending with a Relay round where the teams literally race against the clock - and each other - to solve problems. Certificates are awarded to the teams taking part.


The objective is to encourage a love of maths and problem-solving by giving pupils the opportunity to apply their knowledge to a wide variety of problems whilst developing confidence, teamwork and communication skills.


It also helps the school build relationships with state primary schools as part of our outreach programme.


School facilities and teaching, non-teaching staff.

Pupil Involvement

Godolphin students across the year groups help organise the teams and start them off on warm up questions.

Year 5 boys and girls from partner schools.


Annually; ongoing