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Physics Partnership

PAG & ISA support project to aid Theale Green students with their Physics qualification.  Bradfield College Teachers support this process and use of the Blackburn Science Centre assists this further.  Bradfield provided equipment for and running of GCSE ISA exams and A Level PAGs (the practical portions of the qualifications)


Assist Theale Green GCSE & A-Level students with the best possible environment to comeplete their practical components of their Physics exam.

Theale Green identified the need for assistance due to lab facilities avalible at Bradfield College.

The Theale Green students who are sitting their GCSE & A-Level exams will directly benefit, and with a working relationship the teachers t both schools will also benefit from the partnership


Theale Green made contact with Bradfield College through the existing links as staff from Bradfield College have been assisting with teaching at Theale and therefore dicussions started about using Bradfield's Science Centre to run the practical components of both the GCSE & A-Level Physics Qualifications.

The partnership has been established for two years on a one-off annual basis.


Bradfield College provide the venue - Blackburn Science Centre

The equipment required for the practical experiments

Teaching Staff & Non-Teaching (Lab Assistants) to assist with the activities


The qualitative assessment is the success of the practicals themselves and pupil engagement in a lab based environment.

Quantitative assessment will be analysis of the grades the pupils recieved for their practical component of their GCSE or A-Level

Pupil Involvement

Pupils from Theale Green only - there was no pupil involvement from Bradfield pupils due to the nature of the activity.

Mixed Gender

Age Range 16 (GCSE) 17/18 (A-Level)


Two seperate one-off events that occur annually