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Overseas Universities Project

A dedicated team and a programme of events are available at Lancing College to support pupils in other schools who also wish to consider continuing their undergraduate studies outside the UK.

Our Higher Education Co-ordinator oversees and supports pupils looking into studying abroad, and offers help with the application process.


Educating pupils about higher education opportunities overseas.

Encouraging young people to consider studying for a degree abroad. The project aims to broaden horizons and offer a broader range of options when looking at where to study.


The project aims to educate and encourage pupils to consider studying overseas, to consider the financial benefits but also the opportunity to broaden horizons, the experience of living and studying in another country, as well as providing the opportunity to learn a new language. A degree overseas can also provide a huge help when looking for work after finishing your studies. Employers are interested specifically in maturity, flexibility and cultural awareness, often found in students who experienced a year or more abroad.


Higher Education Co-ordinator at Lancing College

Overseas university representatives who present at our fairs


Enrichment, pupils from Lancing and other local schools offered broader higher education options, opportunity to live and study abroad leads to increased confidence, improved social skills and enhanced future prospects.

Pupil Involvement

Lancing pupils and pupils from local schools can attend higher education fairs and events set up through the College.


Fairs and events occur regularly throughout the term and the project is ongoing.