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Outreach Speaker Programme at Grimsdyke

The School is delighted to share its programme of talks, lectures, masterclasses and stand-alone lessons that members of the teaching staff are keen to provide to local voluntary organisations, clubs and societies, and senior and prep schools. 

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This outreach programme reflects the School’s commitment to contributing to the academic and cultural life of the community of which it is part. Haberdashers’ staff have a deserved reputation for expertise and excellence in teaching, and many also pursue areas of special interest outside of the regular curriculum. The diversity of subjects and activities outlined in the programme testifies to the richness of this Haberdashers’ tradition and the School is excited to be able to place these possibilities at the disposal of the local community.


Pupil Involvement

Haberdashers' staff have a deserved reputation for expertise and excellence in teaching. They visit  a number of schools and community groups. The sessions are delivered to all - from young primary school children to adults.


This resource is on-going.