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Our response to COVID-19

Wells Cathedral School have donated PPE equipment and face masks from our own medical centre and Science Department supplies to local NHS medical practices. 

We have also offered our boarding accommodation for key workers and vulnerable people.

We are also a partner in the recently set-up Wells Coronavirus Network and are able to offer minibus transport and catering transportation vehicles for the Network's work to distribute food and aid to isolated people.

Our pupils have also engaged in a letter writing project for residents of local care and nursing homes.


To provide the best practical support we could during the pandemic for our local community, and to make our own resoruces and facilities available as part of the national response to Covid-19.


These local partnerships are in response to the Covid-19 outbreak and have been in place since April 2020.


School boarding accommodation, vechiles and equipment are all part of this outreach. 

Additionally, our pupils' engagement via the letter writing project is person resource offering, as well as an opportunity for our pupils to appreciate further the importance of being community-minded and charitable in terms of time and thinking.


It is hard to quantitavely assess the impact of our work currently, although we do believe it has a high qualitative impact in terms of supporting our local community.

Pupil Involvement

Pupils of all ages are involved in the letter writing project.

In addition, pupils have raised money for the NHS via a walking challenge, and via individual pupil sponsored activities. Staff have also raised money for the Musicians Benevolent Fund via a 24 walk/run/cycle challenge. 


On-going during the Covid-19 pandemic.