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Opportunities for local primary schools (Plymtree Church of England Primary School, Cullompton)

Our most important school partnership lies with the CVSSA (Culm Valley Small Schools Association) which comprises of a number of local primary schools. We have, over a number of years, committed to providing these 9 schools with one of our own Physical Education teachers, one morning a week. He travels to each of the local schools or hosts the here, teaching PE, providing equipment and also hosting the schools in our facilities for staff  INSET and meeting venues.

This year we extended this partnership further by providing the schools with the services of our Drama department, our Artistic Director now teaches one afternoon a week in the primary schools, supporting them in this curriculum area.  Our Head of Classics also visits one local primary school during the summer term to provide extension Latin classes. We have become trusted partners with these local schools and we have contributed to the education of both pupils and staff over a number of years.  We also host a wide variety of events involving local schools, in addition to our partnership work with the Culm Valley Small Schools Association. We also host all their federation meetings free of charge.


The aim is to share expertise and welcome our local primary schools, who are in a small foundation, to use our facilities in an ongoing relationship. Over 50 local children benefit regularly.  



It has been going for at least five years.



Both school facilties and teachers play a part in this relationship. This is provided free of charge to the primary schools. Blundell's provides equipment, staffing, transport on occasion, catering, venues etc .

Pupil Involvement

Pupils are aged 5-11 years old.


Every week during term time, over the last five years.