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NEW Leaders Conference


Working in partnership with Northumbria University, to provide NEW Leaders conferences which include keynote speakers and an opportunity for the girls from state maintained schools to develop their own leadership blue print. Raising aspirations and empowering girls through developing leadership potential



Raising aspirations and empowering girls through developing leadership potential

Need was identified based on desire to improve leadership potential for young women

Factors of success include engagement, participation and case-studies demonstraing impact.

Beneficiaries are girls themselves, who then become role-modesl in wider comunity, inspiring further success.


Identification of need by NHSG in collaboration with Northumbria University. The programme has been runnning biannually since 2011.


Staff from NHSG, including teaching and marketing.  Mentors and lecturers from industry and from Northumbria University.

University Facilities were used for the day. Both teaching and non-teaching staff are involved in planning and running the day.

All teaching staff plus support staff are involved.

NHSG does fund some of the cost of the event, in addition to sponsorship from external sources.



We have this year formalised partnerships with fout schools to increase in number of pupils participating in programme and to increase impact on the day and post event.  For previous conferences, we have had more schools participating but with lower numbers of pupils. 


Attendance figures demonstrating impact in terms of girls reached. – the aim is 300 girls. 32 – 36 female leaders plus around 25 Academic and support staff from Northumbria University 


Girls will complete a diagnostic in advance of the conference which will identify current aspirations and views on leadership – we will use this as benchmark to measure impact post event.


Girls will be asked to provide feedback at the end of the conference 


Girls from partner schools will have the opportunity to work with Northumbria university so that they can deliver some of the Leadership workshops to other girls in the partner schools to so that we can widen reach and impact. Final details on this to be agreed 


Resources to be held on NHSG website so that girls and staff can access information post event.  Girls will also write blogs etc with feedback from the conference. The aim is for us to develop a range of leadership related resources for schools

Pupil Involvement


Whitburn - 50 

Dukes Secondary - 20 

Monkseaton High - 50

Walbottle Campus - 20


Ongoing event running over a number of years. Biannual event likely to continue indefinitely.