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VIth form pupils visit one of 4 local primary schools the others being:

Oakfield Primary Academy

St Matthew's Bloxham C of E Primary

Rokeby Primary 


To support local primary pupils in the execution of their academic work and to foster close ties between ourselves and the community. Our VIth form pupils receive training at the start of the academic year in how to interact with young pupils including appropriate ways to behave. The purpose is to forge close relationships between the Rugby School VIth form pupil and the same primary pupil each week.


The project began 5 years ago when a local primary Headteacher approached us following a distressing conversation she had had with one of her 8 year old pupils. After being asked why he didn't try harder in the classroom, the reply came that he didn't see any point in doing so since he'd end up jobless or in prison "like everybody else on my street". The Headmistress asked if we could send in a group of VIth formers each week to foster good working relationships with some of her pupils towards encouraging them to be aspirational.


8 members of the Rugby School teaching staff help to supervise the weekly sessions.


Positive feedback has been voiced from a number of primary teachers who have noticed a qualitative difference to the way in which their children conduct themselves in the classroom.

Pupil Involvement

Generally, the primary children are years 4 and 5. Our pupils are VIth formers or year 11.

The numbers of pupils involved are around 60-70.


Weekly. Each Wednesday between 1.00pm and around 3.15pm.

This is an ongoing project that runs throughout most of the academic year.