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Matt Dickinson visit to the Junior School

Withington hosted Matt Dickinson, a film-maker and author, to speak to the Junior School and invited pupils from other local primary schools.


Matt began his career producing adventure documentaries, and became one of the first British film-makers to film on the summit of Everest. He is also the author of many books for both adults and children, including the Mortal Chaos series and The Everest Files, many of which draw on his experiences of scaling Everest.  

A teacher in Withington’s Junior School organised Matt’s visit through Simply Books, a bookshop in Bramhall.


Withington paid the costs of the visit.

The event took place in Withington’s Arts’ Centre.


Matt gave a presentation to the pupils, followed by a Q&A session and book signing. It was an exciting experience for all, allowing pupils to gain insight into Matt’s fascinating career as an explorer, film-maker and author.

Pupil Involvement

15 pupils from maintained primary schools attended the event. 

90 pupils from The Manchester Grammar School also attended, alongside the entirety of Withington’s Junior School (approximately 150 pupils).