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Maps and Marshmallows

The Geography Department welcomed 26 pupils from Charlton Mackrell School for a 'Maps and Marshmallows' event. The group started the day with half attending a workshop covering map work skills from compass rose, map symbols to bearings whilst the other half explored 'The Cutting', learn about camp craft skills and of course the art of making smores. The groups then swapped before starting the orienteering challenge around the school grounds putting into practice the skills they covered in the classroom sessions with the winning team placed based on both speed and accuracy.


To provide a fun, informative workshop. Learning Geography skills, such as map reading and camp craft skills.


Our Geography teacher has a family connection to the Head of Charlton Mackrell.


Classroom resources - maps, compasses. In 'The Cutting' - a campfire, catering resources for the smores.


Feedback from the school and pupils was very positive.

Pupil Involvement

26 pupils aged 10 and 11, girls and boys.  


This is a yealy feeder school event.