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Lyonsdown Barnet Sports Partnership

Lyonsdown has joined with Barnet Schools in a sports partnership, whereby pupils from both state and independent schools in the Borough come together to particiapte in sport at a range of levels and in a range of sporting endeavours. 


The main aim is to share the fun and enjoyment that comes from particpating in sport, both competitively and in festivals, and to create friendships and connections with other pupils, P.E. and sports teachers and schools across the Borough of Barnet. 


Our Sports Co ordinator approached the Partnership to participate in events.

We are now in our second year of engagement with BPSS. 


Lyonsdown travels to events held in Barnet schools and local sports venues 


To enable all children and young people in Barnet schools to become confident, physically competent and emotionally resilient learners who can independently and successfully make sustainable healthy lifestyle choices and pursue personalised sporting and physically active pathways (including those for the gifted and talented) through the opportunities offered in their local and wider community.

Pupil Involvement

All our pupils in Key stage 1 and 2 have the opportunity to participate in relevent events 


Our pupils are entered into events that are relevent and appropriate throughout the year