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Linwood Christmas party

As part our Community Action programme, on 19th December eighteen children and staff from Linwood School enjoyed a Christmas party complete with a visit from Santa.

All the children at the Springwood and Littlewood campus of Linwood have a diagnosis of autism and often struggle with sensory needs and social anxiety which can restrict their experience of the world.   Within a safe and calm environment the children could enjoy a Christmas party and meet Santa with their friends.  Some children even tried new foods which had been supplied by the catering team.


The aim was to provide a safe and calm environment in which the children could enjoy a Christmas party and meet Santa with their friends.

18 children and staff from Linwood School attended the Christmas party.



The party was held at Canford School with foods supplied by the Catering team.


Emma Graham, Early Years Phase leader at Springwood and Littlewood campus, commented:

“I want to say a huge thank you from all of the 18 children and staff who attended the Christmas party celebration organised and facilitated by Canford School.  It was the first time that many of the children had been able to join in a celebration event which many of us take for granted.  Trying new foods was a huge accomplishment in itself for our children who often have restricted diets due to sensory processing difficulties and anxiety around food. Parents and staff were overwhelmed by the school’s generosity and are thankful to everyone involved for making this possible for the children.”