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Lewis Manning Hospice

Four Sixth Form pupils visit the centre every Monday afternoon throughout the year offering whatever help is needed. Often this simply involves talking to the residents.


Due to the Covid pandemic - this partnership has been paused until the organisation feels it safe to accept volunteers again.


To offer help to patients in difficult circumstances.

To offer pupils, many of whom are condiering a medical career, firsthand experience of patients with life threatening conditions.


Canford School appraoched the centre offering help.


One member of the Canford teaching staff drives the pupils to the centre and remains there throughout the visit. Visits are on Monday afternoons throughout the academic year.


Informal feedback from the staff at the cebtre indicates that the visits are enjoyed and are helpful.

Pupil Involvement

Given the nature of the resdients, only Sixth Form pupils are involved.


Every Monday afternoon throughout the academic year.