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Landor Society


The English department have run Landor Society  for an hour each week for year 12 students. This is a literary enrichment class led by a Rugby School teacher, or student. This amounts to 14 hours over the course of the Advent 2017 term and is set to continue for the rest of the 2017-18 year. 12 Ashlawn School students have attended regularly along with 4 from the Harris Academy. In addition the department has run year 13, Oxbridge/Enrichment sessions on Wednesdays, 5.00p.m. each week run by a Rugby teacher. In the Advent Term 2017 there was representation from the following schools: Ashlawn, Lawrence Sheriff, Rugby High, usually one from each school (so the class size was typically 5-8 students). Some students applied to Oxbridge, others did not.



Aim is to foster closer links with partnership schools, to develop local English Literature students' experience of the subject and to help equip them for life as English Lit undergraduates.


The partnership has run for the past three years and numbers of participants have grown each year in that time


Lesson resources are generated by a Rugby School teacher for each of the sessions.


The key anticipated outcome is to help develop local pupils' confidence in studying English texts and to broaden their experience. It is hoped that their experiences of studying alongside pupils from other schools will enable them to present themselves as more plausible candidates when they are interviewed for university courses. 

Pupil Involvement

Involvement of pupils at our school has been to help prepare and run some of the sessions. 

24 partner school pupils have this year been the recipients of this additional teaching of English Literature.

Pupil ages 16-18.


On-going project. At present this has run on a weekly basis and is set to continue to do so.