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Kwik Cricket (Gloucestershire Cricket Club)

Kwik Cricket is a nationally run competition that all primary schools across the country are invited to enter. Both boys and girls participate. Festivals are held in every district in the country with the top teams going through to play in the County finals held at Cheltenham College annually in June.


The aim of Kwik Cricket is to open up cricket to more children in the County. As well as offering them a chance to use their cricket skills in a competitive environment, the experience teaches them the values of team work, morals and fair play as well as increasing their chance of playing the sport long term. With a lack of facilities in many primary schools, Cheltenham College can offer their main College field for the children to play cricket.


The partnership began in 2012 as part of ‘Active Gloucestershire’, which was set up to increase and improve the range and quality of opportunities for people to be active and play sport. It is now a stand-alone partnership.


The main College field is used for Kwik Cricket. Non-teaching staff are key to providing the various facilities for the event. College also provide some of the team leaders. No financial contribution is made for this event.


The competition has grown in popularity each year with the standard of play improving year on year. The College welcomed 240 local primary school children to the Gloucestershire Kwik Cricket Finals Day in June 2015.

Pupil Involvement

The vast majority of pupils are from the local primary schools with few independent school pupils participating.


The event takes place annually in June.