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In partnership with Gotherington Primary School

In November 2017 College hosted a group of Y6 pupils from Gotherington Primary school. The visit was a culmination of a long-term project to design and make Andersen shelters. The climax of the day was the final testing phase, during which the students dropped weights from an ever-increasing height to see how stable and durable their structures were! 




  • Offering Gotherington pupils the chance to build the practical skills that are required by the National Curriculum but which are difficult to gain in their normal environment.  

  • Helping to build an interest in the subject of Design & Technology that could ultimately see them forging successful careers in areas such as product design, engineering, architecture and fashion. 

  • Building the skills to help pupils problem solve and develop practical solutions to real life problems. 



The opportunity was developed between the 2 Heads of Department of D & T.

Pupil Involvement

For the College pupils, and in particular the 4thform GCSE groups who helped out at various stages during the day, the benefits included: 


  • Gaining experience of having to communicate effectively through teaching others new skills. 

  • Expanding their experience of the D&T processes and materials by getting them to tackle a new project without any prior knowledge. 

  • Helping them to consider how Design & Technology can genuinely affect and enhance people’s lives. 


Our partnership will continue to focus on a number of significant academic teaching opprotunities in the area of D & T, thorughout each year.