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HM Theale Green Community School Governance

The Headmaster of Bradfield College is a governor of Theale Green Community School a local state school for 500 students.  The school Board of Governors meet on a monthly basis and the Headmaster attends these meetings along with the other Governors.  The involvement of the Headmaster in the governanace of this local state school is to improve the governance of the school.


To improve to help to improve the governance of the school.

Theale Green Community School are the immediate beneficiaries, with the community of Theale itself beenfitting from improved governance of their local school.


The state school is Bradfield College's closest state secondary and one that in the past the college has been the sponsor of when Theale was in Academy status.


One member of Bradfield College staff

Meetings once a month



Pupil Involvement



Monthly Meetings