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Governership of Academy School

Bradfield College member of staff has assisted academy school Theale Green by acting as an Associate Governor dealing specifically with Child Protection on thier Vunerable Students Commitee.


Assist with the governance of Theale Green School

To offer specialist advice on Child Protection

Become a full governor

Assist with the Audit & Risk committee.


Bradfield became the main sponsor for Theale Green Academy and as such with Stuart Williams having expert knowledge in the area of compliance and Child Protection.  Stuart has now become a full governor and a director of the Trust.


Teaching Staff from Bradfield College (Stuart Williams)

No financial contribution, just time given up by Bradfield staff.


Quantitative impact will be looking in detail at the successful running of the school and successful management procedures in place to deal with Child Protection, Audit and Risk.

Ongoing assessment as the school evolves.

Pupil Involvement

No pupil involvement from Bradfield

No direct involvement of Theale Green pupils, but they will be indirectly impacted by decisions and successful governance of the school.


On-going commitment