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A former Aldro Head teacher is a community governor at SJS, since Autumn 2013. He serves on the resources committee (having chaired it from 2014 to 2016), and also has acted on the pay review panel, SFVS review group and Head teacher appraisal team. 


The primary aim is partnership with a community school, to be able to learn from what happens in the maintaned sector, but also help the school leadership improve outcomes for its pupils. The major beneficiaries are the families of those children in the local community. 


An advert was placed locally in 2013 seeking new governors. At the time, James was seeking a new community role and partnership opportunity. After meeting both Head and Chair, James was happily appointed, and remains a governor to this day.


Time is given to James both in evenings and outside of term time to complete governor tasks and meetings. Alongside this, James is able to take time in-school to use for visits and meetings. 


The impact is measured through the former Ofsted inspection on governance, alongside regular plenary sessions in FGB meetings looking at the impact of governors in school improvement, as recorded in FGB minutes. 

Pupil Involvement

Pupils are boys and girls from Year 3 to year 6. The links are ultimately in other partnership projects such as Art master-classes hosted at Aldro with overlap from independent school pupils. 


This has been ongoing since November 2013, and meetings and involvement are monthly. It is expected to go on until 2020.