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Girls on Board NSG

NSG has adopted the Girls on Board approach which originated at Thorpe Hall School and which has been delivered to NSG by the Head of Thorpe Hall at substantially reduced cost. 1700 girls will now benefit from the settled relationships which the approach engenders and teachers will be freed up to focus on teaching and learning.



Wherever girls are at school there exists issues with friendships and NSG is no exception. The Girls on Board approach is a proven way of empowering girls to solve their own friendship issues, and save time and anxiety for teachers and parents.


Two staff attended the Girls on Board training andn then invited Andrew Hampton, Head of Thorpe Hall to visit the school to assist in the launch of the approach.


SHSG have been given the licence to operate the approach for free. That means they have access to the complete range of training materials in order to establish expertise and Champions throughout the staff and 6th form.


Early assessments of the impact were extremely positive. After three days working with Year 8 staff reported that instances of freindship turbulence had fallen off and the girls were more content.

Pupil Involvement

The approach is suitable for the entire community with 6th formers getting involved as mentors. 


The project, once fully established will exist for as long as the staff and leadership wish it to. NSG have been an early adopter of the approach but which now has over 30 schools in the UK using it.