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First Schools' Day

We host around 300 pupils from various primary schools to enjoy a fun activity day. Last year, visiting pupils from Paddox Primary, Rokeby Primary, St Oswald's C of E Primary, St Andrew's Benn C of E Primary and St Matthew Bloxham C of E Primary.

The pupils arrive in the morning to be greeted by members of year 11 and VIth formers. They are each teamed up, one to one, with older pupils and the visitors are taken by their mentor on a tour of the school during which they participate in a quiz on what they discover on their tours. The pupils are then taken to the site where an activity takes place that they have elected to do some weeks prior to the day. A choice of activities is provided including: Science; Sport; Music; Media; Drama; Modern and Ancient Languages; Maths and IT.

 The visitors are able to take part in 2 of the above 45 minute sessions. They then have lunch in one of the boarding houses before listening to a musical concert performed by members of the school. After this, a prize-giving occasion takes place and prizes are awarded to the children on the basis of their answers to the quiz questions they were given at the start of the day.

A 'fun-run' the length of the first XI Rugby pitch completes the afternoon programme before the visitors return to their primary schools via coach to be collected by their parents



To provide around 300 local primary school children with an exciting and educationally enjoyable day.

A main critical factor is that the weather is fine!

The immediate beneficiaries are, obviously, the children themselves who always tell us what a fun day they have had.


The project has been in existence for at least 25 years and so the original reason for the partnership has been lost. However, it helps us to say thank you to the schools to whom we send many of our VIth formers every Wednesday afternoon throughout the academic year. 


Many resources are provided by the school for the successful running of the day. Art materials, musical instruments, chemicals and other science resources, Media and Photography equipment, Sports equipment are all laid on for use by the visiting school children.

School facilities used include the sports astro pitches, Science labs, Media and Photography studios, Art Department, IT labs, Music rooms, school theatre, school library and sundry classrooms. Also, school boarding house dining rooms and Games pitches as well as the main school assembly room.

Financial contribution covers costs of resources and food/drink/snacks consumed on the day together with cost of coaches to transport the visitors both from and to their primary schools. Coach costs usually amount to around £700-£800.


The manifest benefits of the day are voiced by the enthusiastic participants themselves as well as by parents and visiting teachers.

Pupil Involvement

The ages of our pupils is between 15-18 years old. Usually, around 300 pupils from Rugby School take part either running activity sessions or escorting visitors around the school.

The primary pupil numbers vary each year but usually amout to around 2700-300. They are each around 8 years old.

The genders are mixed.


The project takes place every year at the beginning of March.