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Eton College Universities Summer School

A two week residential summer school at Eton College for Year 12 students in the maintained sector to help prepare for entrance to Russell Group universities.


The Eton College Universities Summer School started in 1981 and was established to encourage students from the maintained sector to apply for top universities. Now in its 24th year, around 130 students come to Eton for the course which is designed to give the students a taste of what life at university is like.


The Summer School was the brainchild of former Head Master Eric Anderson. It is a two week long residential course provided directly by Eton.

Subjects offered include: Maths; Maths with Physics; Maths with Chemistry; Physics with Chemistry; Biology with Chemistry; English; History; French; Geography; Classics; Religion; Philosophy and Economics and Politics.

In addition, the students attend the General Course which consists of lectures and tutorials on a range of philosophical issues and non mainstream subjects such as Law and History of Art. The students also participate in recreational activities ranging from drama, music and sport to silverwork and cookery. There are a range of study trips designed to enhance the academic offering.


Eton masters stay on for the Summer School and the school's facilities are used to provide this residential course.

The course is heavily subsidised by the College and further assistance is available to those unable to meet the fee.


The vast majority of Summer School students apply for Russell Group universities and mostly with success. There are now a number of highly successfull Eton Summer School alumni including Marcus du Satoy and Zoah Hedges Stocks.


An annual event.