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Educational Partnership Conference

An enrichment partnership event for Lower Sixth involving five schools, two of which were independent (Canford and Queen Anne’s Caversham) and three of which were state schools (Ark Globe, Purbeck School and Bourne Academy).  Canford School hosted the event in June 2018 and June 2019 with a programme of lectures and activities examining metacognition and the science of learning.  In the afternoon, pupil groups interviewed a selection of “future careerists” all specialising in areas that did not exist as careers fifteen years ago.  

The morning sessions were led by a team from BrainCanDo who ran a fascinating series of workshops on neuroscience, challenging pupils to think about how we develop our understanding of the world and why we make the decisions we do.  The afternoon focus was on careers and interview planning, with six groups of pupils rotating through a carousel of seven visiting professionals who work in emerging career sectors.  At the end of the day, there was a plenary session for all pupils involved to collect thoughts and ideas to present to the group.


The return of linear A Levels has brought with it both challenges and opportunities.  The removal of formal exams at the end of the Lower Sixth year has created a breathing space in which serious academic interest and enthusiasm can be nurtured and developed.  The day was an opportunity for bright and ambitious Lower Sixth pupils to meet and share ideas with like-minded young people. 


Following a connection established by Chair of Governors, David Levin, an idea was conceived to host an enrichment partnership event.


Canford School accommodated the visiting pupils from the Ark Globe academy the evening before the event and put on a programme of team building and ice breaking activities.

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