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Educational Partner: Greenford High School

This is an opportunity to provide academic enrichment for the most able students at both schools.


The aim of the partnership is to develop mutual awareness and understanding amongst the most able students. Students meet twice a year (once at each school) when they undertake a formal dining experience involving students and staff from both schools with a visiting speaker who offers ideas for debate and discussion. Activities may also involve team building games challenges.

Reciprocal arrangements for Oxbridge preparation and practice interviews are also in place.

Students from Greenford High School are invited to attend lectures at Godolphin and Latymer as enrichment activities.


The project was suggested by Greenford High School who wished to foster links between students from different socio-economic and educational backgrounds but who have similar aspirations.


Staff time. Teaching and non-teaching staff are involved.

Financial support for the dinners.

Subsidised places at lectures for Greenford High School students.

Pupil Involvement

Pupils aged 16-18. Boys and girls.


Ongoing, main events twice a year with other events on a more ad hoc basis.