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EDGE Community Festival conceived and organised by boys involved in the Leadership project

The EDGE Festival aims to link local junior schools and the KES Leadership Programme in a joint venture to have fun whilst developing leadership and team building skills.


The project aims to give local junior pupils the chance to challenge themselves both physically and mentally, undertaking a variety of challenges. Each year, a different generation of KES boys is tasked with conceiving, developing and organising the festival, including marketing and inviting schools.


The project started in 2008, from the vision of a Year 13 pupil who aimed to give KES pupils the chance to go into the local community and lead younger school children.


Situated at KES, utilising own resources, and “hired in” flagship inflatables.

School pitches and sports hall.


The pupils who attend are verbally helped to understand the principles and outcomes of their actions by the KES pupils leading the activities. Schools return every year, demonstrating the positive outcomes of the project.

Pupil Involvement

KES pupils: 80 boys (14-17). The project is led by KES boys from planning through implementation.

Junior School pupils: approx. 150 (9-11) male and female.


An annual event in late March.