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Duke of Edinburgh Award Community Service

Our students help Bawdsey Primary Schools with their learning as part of our Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.


The aims of the project are twofold: for our pupils, it's a way for them to have a relationship with members of the community in which they study.  For Bawdsey Primary pupils, it's a way for them to learn a bit more about the wider world in which they live, meeting and working with students who have come from thousands of miles away to study in Suffolk. 


I'm not sure how the project came about.  The opportunity was identified by the former Principal of Alexanders College, Alister Laidlaw, as he was instrumental in setting up the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme here.

The project has been existence for about three years. 


Time is the main resource we need.  

Pupil Involvement

About 20 of our 85 or so pupils are involved in the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme. 


Participation is on a weekly basis.