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Developing Literacy

Canford School has worked with The Bourne Academy to develop literacy.  

The joint book group with Canford School and The Bourne Academy is a fun opportunity for Year 9 pupils to try reading different books and to meet other pupils who enjoy reading.

Fundraising for books - Members of the Canford community of present and former staff, pupils and parents have been invited to sponsor a stone on a new walkway leading to the school’s new library which opens in Autumn 2021.  For every stone donated, Canford will donate a book to The Bourne Academy’s reading programme. 


During normal times, Canford Shells would meet regularly with a group of Year 9 pupils from The Bourne Academy to discuss our chosen books.  The pupils were able to meet for the first time online via Teams in June 2021.  An excellent and lively discussion of the titles took place and pupils also shared some book recommendations for the forthcoming summer holidays.  It was an enjoyable event for all involved. 


The Canford School Librarian facilitates the book group.




Miss Cook, English Teacher and KS4 English Co-ordinator at The Bourne Academy commented:  “Our students thoroughly enjoyed reading, reviewing and discussing the Carnegie Medal Shortlist books in collaboration with Canford School.  The diverse range of texts provoked interesting discussion between the students and challenged them to explore new genres.  We are all looking forward to continuing the group next academic year.”

Pupil Involvement

Year 9 pupils take part in the book group.


This is an ongoing event.