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Developing Depth and Breadth of Learning in Science

For the past two Years our Science department has welcomed pupils and teachers from Robin Hood Junior School, along with looked-after children from the Sutton borough, to Science days where all pupils have the opportunity to engage in practical science activities. Having access to trained science specialist teachers and a fully equipped science lab, pupils have engaged in 'Forensic Investigation' days where they have conducted soil analysis and used chromatography to solve a crime. In other days they have used acid and alkaline to observe the chemical reactions which occur when they apply these solutions to crushed fruits and vegetables.


To provide access to specialist science teachers and a science lab to further develop pupil's learning through practical learning opportunities.

Work with partnership school to ensure teaching and learning delivers a culmination to the schemes of work they have been teaching. 


As part of our outreach work, in 2018 we developed an ongoing partnership with Robin Hood Junior School. Our Head of Science made contact with Robin Hood Junior School's science lead to identify opportunity to support teaching and learning in science.


Access to trained science teachers using a fully equipped science lab and specialist resources.

Pupil Involvement

A mixed cohort of Year 5 and 6 pupils were involved in these activities.


This is an ongoing project with 2 or 3 science sessions being delivered each year.