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Dales Teaching Alliance

Belmont Grosvenor School is in the Dales Teaching Alliance. It is the only independent school within the alliance. 


The Dale National Teaching School was developed on these key principles:

- To champion the work of small, rural schools and collaborations between small schools and other schools to improve outcomes for all children.
- To promote and develop the values of church schools in school improvement.

The work of the alliance is focused on areas of support in North Yorkshire and neighbouring local authorities.


Current work includes supporting schools in North Yorkshire (commissioned by the Local Authority), supporting schools in Bradford (commissioned by the Diocese), providing CPD opportunities for staff in our schools and delivering the ITT School Direct Programme in partnership with York St John University.

The current team of eight Specialist Leaders in Education (SLEs) come from a wide range of backgrounds and contexts. They can offer 1 – 15 days support on school improvement issues in all phase and age range schools and academies in North Yorkshire and neighbouring local authorities.


Belmont Grosvenor School supports the work of ITT. Students visit Belmont as part of their training to experience independent education and to witness specialist teaching in specialist facilities. The school leads the training in EYFS for the ITT and this next year in geography. As part of the Primary Improvement Partnership we have hosted and lead sessions over the course of this academic year on improving standards in English. The Head has co-facilitated the NPQML programme and the EYFS coordinator is an SLE for EYFS. The staff benefit from CPD, cluster meetings and moderation within the alliance. This allows for maximum impact on the delivery of the curriculum within our schools for the ultimate benefit of the children. BGS offers its specialist facilities and also teaching staff to the alliance. Puzzle days and a training day in the use of tablets have taken place this year. A music day is being planned for next academic year for the alliance.


The underpinning principle of 'Achieving the best outcomes for all' drives all work of our small but highly effective Teaching School Alliance and is the principle aim of all work of the alliance.

Pupil Involvement

There are currently 17 schools in the Alliance. The key partners of the Alliance also include The Diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales, a Lead advisor for NYCC and a representative for York St John University. The Alliance members have a wealth of experience and include an NLE, SLEs and Professional Partners for newly appointed head teachers.