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Croydon Champions Awards

The Croydon Champions Awards aim to recognise, promote and reward those individuals and groups who play a valuable role in the local community. These special people sometimes get little or no public recognition for what they have done. The aim of the Croydon Champions Awards is to give them the limelight they deserve.


To recognise and reward those individuals and groups within the Croydon community who give their time and expertise voluntarily for the benefit of others. 

This correlates with the Royal Russell School motto is 'Nin Sibi Sed Omnibus', which translates as 'Not for oneself but for all.'


Royal Russell became aware of the initial concept and agreed to give support to its launch. Royal Russell has contuinued to work with Croydon Champions now for over 15 years. 


The Head of Music and the Headmaster attend the awards event.


The Croydon Community benefits directly and indirectly from those people who work selflessly in their communities. By giving individuals and community groups the recognition they deserve, it can enable them to continue, raise funds and encourage and inspire new people to do similar work. 

Pupil Involvement

The Royal Russell School Orchestra perform to guests before the main prize giving event. Pupils from age 11 to age 18 are actively involved.


The Croydon Champions Awards are held annually.

They are likely to contine for many years.