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Cross Country

Host cross country events annually for both KS1 and KS2 with schools across the Eden Valley.

Over 20 sate schools attend each event with a presentation, medals and afternoon tea provided for the children and adults.


To liaise with other schools and build links in offer children a wider pool of children to work with and compete against.

Critical factors for success is the support from local schools

The beneficiaries are all the children who take part.


We are a small prep school in a rural sparsly populated area. We are the only prep school in Cumbria and could be very isolated if not for the links we make in many ways to our local schools and community.

The partnership has grown from 8 to 10 schools in its early days ( approximately 7 years ago) to over 20 schools now.


Our Director of Sport orgnaises all of this and has built up links with local schools

We use our own school field and toilets, hall and couryard and also rent the use of french field - a large open area next door to our location


To develop social skills amongst children in Cumbria in a competition of friendly rivalry.

To learn from success and failure

We have now reached capacity with over 20 schools (up to 400 children and guests) at each event

Pupil Involvement

All children from reception to Year 6 have the opportunity both boys and girls


Ongoing project

annual event