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Community Links

Wellesley House sponsors Thanet Wanderers rugby club providing annual funding which helps to provide safe and enjoyable rugby opportunities for local children. We also sponsor Sandwich Town CC.

Puddleducks provide swim classes for children through using Wellesley House swimming pool.

Thanet Light Orchestra rehearse in Wellesley House sports hall every Thursday evening.

The Renumeration Committee at Wellesley assist with reviewing remuneration for Dover, Canterbury and Thanet counsellors and parish counsellors.

Ten schools were short listed for a direct contact with an astronaut on-board the ISS during the Principia mission after a competition was run in collaboration between the UK Space Agency, the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) and European Space Agency (ESA). Wellesley House was selected and hosted a direct amateur radio link up with the ISS during a two day space extravaganza. The ARISS UK Operations team supported the effort by supplying the required radio equipment to carry out the contact and the necessary technical expertise.